Young Rural Journalist Program

The Young Rural Journalist Program is an initiative by The Rural Post to promote rural journalism among students, practitioners and academicians who wish to embark on a journey of unfolding rural India through journalism.

About The Program



A six months online program for building young rural journalists through immersive writing, training and capacity-building. 


Publishing 30 thematic articles, 1 case study, and 1 policy brief during the 6 months program.   


A detailed interactive orientation for incoming YRJPs on understanding rural journalism, investigative writing and development, media netiquettes and more


Rigorous mentorship and weekly review meeting for understanding, learning and incorporating improvements in the process of becoming a young rural journalists.


Publication of articles with complete authorship and electronic distribution of the written masterpiece on various social media platforms


A certificate of TRP Young Rural Journalist offered after successful completion of the program. Moreover, recommendation letters and references for future endeavours. 

The selection for the first cohort is over. The results will be out soon. Kindly check out this page for next cohort which will be in the month of December, 2021.