A window to the last mile

The Rural Post is proud to present Jharokha, a small window series to the last mile lives. Let's go on a journey where the people from Rural India speaks of their experiences, hopes, dreams,  problems, issues and challenges.


A film by Chetna Agarwal & A.Naidu

In a world where we do not have to think of questions like "where are we going to get water from", where water scarcity is a far fetched problem we read in books, or where rain is either a bliss or another day to invoke a feeling of poignant memories or a subject of poetry, in a world we cannot see what many people go through in their daily lives. This small documentary brings to you a small window through which you see a how the hopes and dreams of some people in India are based on rains, how they see development in a completely different meaning from how we compare the first world and third world countries. 'The Rural' is a journey you take to this tiny village in Maharshtra and get a peek into their challenges in life, how the village has turned around the water crisis, how they define development, how a motivated aspiring Charpanch envisions to bring changes and how the Indian agricultural fabric to most farmers is a process of nature. "Baarish nahi hui toh sarkar v kuvh ni kar sakte"- Does it makes us ponder even after so many years of Independence and a series of Five Year Planning, why can't we see a Indian farmer hope and dream beyond the ambit of rains!!

This documentary is produced by VDOPOT and in collaboration with The Rural Post as their digital media partner, they are launching their own Youtube Channel & Production initiative.


VDOPOT has come together to feed their vision to create impactful narratives through short films in fiction and nonfiction genres, documentary series and video marketing content.


Credits for Documentary film the rural:


  • Rural Initiatives Group (RIG) - IIT Bombay 

  • Founder of RIG - Mr. Deepak Gupte Jagannath Jayram Patil - Social worker from Palsunda village & Production assistant on the film 'The Rural'.

  • Sound design by Shunya Gadh studio.