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Social entrepreneurship is a new business model in recent times of start-up culture. It collaborates profit with social and environmental well being. India’s social challenges are multifaceted. Tackling a particular social issue is completely different from a developmental project or charity. In rural India, entrepreneurship is a difficult task to adopt due to lack of resources and supportive mindsets. Social Entrepreneurship is a concept where societal transformation is only possible with the help of people’s participation. Broadly, topics like poverty, illiteracy, unemployment and inequality are taken into focus. There are three main hindrances for socio-economic inclusion in rural India: a) Physical connectivity b) Digital connectivity c) Limited or nil Financial inclusion. Community Development is a bottom-up approach. It starts from the smallest unit such as a village, tehsil or district to show positive results in the upper levels. Improvement of the standard of living is the main agenda of community development.