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The world has taken a toll with the spread of COVID 19 pandemic and the crisis has started shadowing the economies, building an adverse impact on the people and future prospects of growth. However, Rural India faces a huge dilemma whether the crisis is going to worsen off the development stance for them or the situation will return to normal Keeping the changing dynamics of Rural India in the perspective, a set of IRMANs have launched discourses on the state of Rural India post-pandemic The Rural Post is an initiative to bring the highlights of such discourses to a larger audience.
A plethora of rural people in underdeveloped regions faces penury and deprivation as economic activity truncates due to lockdown. The rural poor faces a truancy of income sources during the 21-day lockdown, as announced by the government. A focal proportion of rural household incomes comes from migration and daily-wage laborers. People’s response, facing a common malaise, is a function of their incomes. There has been an alleviation in the incomes because of a decrease in the economic activities in the cities. With an iota of savings and a poor social security net, a myriad of families in rural India are having fewer meals.