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Updated: Aug 25, 2020

During the British rule, the Indian textile industry was systematically destroyed and many artisans and weavers were forced to become farmers, leading to an increase in poverty among Indian masses.

The richness, diversity and the brilliant skill that goes into Indian handcrafted clothes were replaced by dull, machine-made clothes not only killing our arts and economy but also making the economy of the imperialists stronger by the day.

In India, it was believed that an asset so intimate and personal like clothing deserves much love, care and involvement in its creation and the ones who are skilled and passionate about it must get to put their hands in the process. However, shrewd infiltration of synthetic fabric along with monotonous colour combinations turned out to be detrimental for the indigenous art form and the monotony in colour was standardized and patronized as the new definition of sophistication and class. This school of thought is still quite visible in the foundation of a modern clothing line.

In complete alignment with Vocal for Local movement, it's time we realise the creativity and precision that goes into the intricate patterns and weaving techniques involved in the creation of Indian textiles. Let's revive the lives of our extremely talented weavers, 70 per cent of which are women and earn less than 5000 bucks per month and yet continue to take pride in their skilled craftsmanship because it's not about the returns for them, it's the joy of pursuing this acquired art and keeping it alive.

About Anubandh :

Anubandh: Transforming Livelihoods, is an initiative by SEWA Bharat to promote artisans, weavers and farmers - all women workers in the informal economy. Handloom sarees from West Bengal, organic spices from Uttarakhand and handicrafts from Rajasthan - made by women entrepreneurs who are an epitome of self-reliance.

The current COVID-19 pandemic accompanied by a nationwide lockdown witnessed a slowdown in livelihood activities in the informal sector. Anubandh manifested as a platform to promote women entrepreneurs and women-led enterprises, voicing their talents to spotlight and connecting them to the digital world.

We request you to be part of Anubandh's campaign of #100Sarees100Stories - every weaver, saree has a story to tell. This campaign is all about weavers, sarees, and saree lovers. Authentically woven hidden treasures straight from the looms of Bengal. The weavers - their creations, their designs, their labour, and their INCOME. For every saree sold, every rupee earned goes straight to the weaver.

The sale will be live on 7th August (8 AM) going on till 15th August. We request your support in this initiative - tag us and share this post on your story on 7the August. We firmly believe this is something bigger than an individual or an organization and this can only be a success if we like-minded folks stand together.

Check out the collection on Anubandh's website to know more.

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Written & Edited By Sinjhini