Join The Team

We are glad to know that you are interested in joining the ambitious initiative to become the voice of rural India. The page will brief you about the current vacancies we have at TRP. This is to inform you that this is a volunteering initiative. You will join the team as a budding changemakers who wish to contribute to the rural and journalism domain. All the positions are non-monetary engagements.

The Rural Post is a democratic organisaton. As a joinee, you have an equal rights over ideas on developing and expanding the work of the organisation.


Work Engagement: A Commitment of at least five months. 7-8 Hours per week.

Non-Monetary Incentives: You will be awarded an experience certificate at end of the engagement period and recommendation letter for any future endeavors you pursue.

Irrespective of the domain you are selected for, the team aspires the following skills in a TRP catalyst:

  • Creativity in terms of design and ideas concerning journalism and rural India

  • Excellent content writing skills

  • Handsome digital marketing aptitude and experience

  • Basic Designing skills

  • Data Analytics (Qualitative or Quantitative)

  • Commitment to rural development and rural journalism

           *These skills are not mandatory but have brownie points and are more preferable.

The following roles are available at The Rural Post:

Podcast Manager

  • Bring leads for our Countryside podcast, communicate and schedule interviews.

  • Cultivate new contacts, relationships (Organizational level & Personal level) in the industry, communicate to them about TRP and design ways in which their inputs can be embedded in TRP’s Countryside podcast growth.

  • Strong relationships with both local and national business and industry personalities.  

  • Comfortable and skilled in both broadcast and print media interviews.

  • Tap into new areas and persons for collaboration & podcasts.


Digital Marketing Manager

  • Manage and enhance the brand image of The Rural Post on digital platforms.

  • Design and oversee all aspects of the marketing database, email, and display advertising campaigns.

  • Develop and monitor campaigns: Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube.

  • Plan and manage TRP on social media platforms.

  • Develop a digital brand- taglines, hashtags.

  • Develop KPIs for the same.

  • Work with your team to brainstorm new and innovative growth strategies.

  • Oversee and manage all contests, giveaways, and other digital projects.

  • Good designing and content creation skills.


Policy Analyst (Writers)

  • Engage in writing articles, special issues and policy briefs with updated knowledge of current affairs in the rural domain.

  • Build and manage rich contents like whitepapers, reports, etc. attracting qualified traffic.

  • Develop campaigns on how to publish relevant policy content

Editorial Manager

  • Managing and editing content for blogs, marketing campaigns, guest blogging, email communications, video marketing, etc. are the roles of a Editorial manager.

  • Create, edit and improve the content that the audience is looking for and optimize the path to conversion.

  • Deliver effective editorial plan and content marketing strategy to meet the business objectives.

  • Integrate content programs with brand campaigns to drive the demand for the brand.

  • Develop an editorial calendar.

  • Receive readers’ feedback and generate ideas to increase reader base engagement.

  • Excellent writing, communication and designing skills.

Creative Graphic Designer

We are looking for creative catalysts for our design team at The Rural Post. The designer will introduce creative ways of displaying content on our website and social media platforms. The incumbent should have knowledge of tools like Canva, Adobe Photoshop and After Effects. However, these skills can vary, but the candidate should have a perspective to play with colors, design and other elements to deliver creative masterpiece.

Comic Artists

We are looking for creative catalysts for our aspirational comic series The aim of the project is to create a central character of TRP (for ex. Bhola - The Farmer) and sketch issues pertaining to rural India in comic format. The associates who wish to apply for the KalpaVriksha must be an aspirational or an established sketch or doodle artist who understand the concept of comic books and can respectively produce meaningful artworks.

If you wish to apply for the position, then kindly fill the form: APPLICATION FORM

Feel free to connect with us on, in case you have any query with respect to any position at The Rural Post.