As people who have closely experienced the rural sector of India and its various elements, we have realized that the fore front of media has always taken this sector under poor limelight. With a large network of people working in this sector and 70% of the Indian population hailing from the rural space, stories from the 'last mile' deserve equal share in the world of media. All of these elements brought us to The Rural Post in 2020. With webinars, and articles, we strive to let the discussions roll and thrive. This platform  will be a budding space to bring out all such stories, all such discourses on table and give space for like minded people to participate and contribute.

Our Mission

To harness the power of digital platforms in creating a better visibility for rural India in the present development discourse. 

Our Vision

To build media as an important pillar for Rural development through informed policy decisions and coverage.

Our Objective

To provide a platform for sharing authentic, relevant, and insightful news concerning rural India and involving every stakeholder in the process.